Hand Painted Spanish Flat Bottom Jug

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These traditional oven to table ware jugs from Southern Spain are hand dipped in five vibrant colours. Microwave and dishwasher proof, they are also available in two other sizes of bowl, a mini tajine and a choice of two jug shapes, which measure approximately as follows:

large flat bottom jug 17.5cm wide x 19cm high contains 1 litre (shown) 
bottle jug 11cm wide x 18cm high contains 0.5 litre
mini tajine 10cm diameter x 8cm high 
small size 11cm diameter x 4cm high 
medium size 15cm diameter x 5cm high
large size 23cm diameter x 8.5cm high

Colour: lime, rioja red, saffron, sky, sunlight, verde green

Composition: terracotta

Country: spain

Usage: oven, microwave and dishwasher proof