Interior Design Service

Functionality, Personality and Aesthetics

We can help with room layouts, functionality and dynamics and, of course,  space planning, room flow and flexibility.

Given that your home should remain your home we are happy to work with the things that are most precious to you and develop your ideas.

Colour, coordination, accent and contrast are as important to you and your home as everything else is… and this is another area in which we can impart some help and advice. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and everyone has different ideas of colour, style and elegance. With this in mind we try to listen to your ideas in an approachable way.

Bespoke Design

Whether you work from the back of an envelope or from architectural plans we can help! It maybe that you will need some things that you just can’t find - well let’s design and make something for you. It maybe that you need a curved sofa to sit in a bay window, or a corner sofa in a loft, or an especially sized dining table. It’s an area in which we have lots of experience and we can make the process stress free and interesting - as this is supposed to be fun!


Even the Taj Mahal was built on a budget - granted they possibly over ran towards completion! - but nevertheless it’s always an important consideration and we always do our utmost to suggest ideas and come up with schemes which fit into your financial boundaries.

We’re always happy to work with you in this sensitive area to achieve the best for you.

Services include:

  • Room layouts
  • Colour schemes
  • Flow dynamics
  • Bespoke furniture and furnishing design
  • Storage plans
  • Window treatments
  • Curtain and blind design and making