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Here at Settle we always endeavour to ensure the right comfort for you, whether  you choose a bespoke or made to measure item, or one of our standard hand made sofas and chairs. Be it using a fully coil sprung unit, feather and down cushions, or a combination of foam and feather or quallofil, with back or scatter cushions, extra lumbar support or a special seat depth, we make sure we get the right combination to suit you.
We like to test all of our new designs personally and to this end, our main helper, Bob, is always on hand at home (never any where near our customers' sofas), to make sure we make the right decision when developing a new model.

Bob will be making personal appearances from time to time at the showroom and on the web to tell you about our new products and ideas...

Country: made in england

Favourites: any settle sofa that doesnt belong to a customer

More favourites: stick,ball,stick,ball,stick,ball

Techniques: going round and round until the cushion is comfy

Type: english springer spaniel

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